not reinstalling after re-imaging

I need a solution

We have a problem with that is holding up our Windows 10 deployment.

We have created a symredistributable package and an .msp and distribute it through Group Policy.

When a new system is imaged the software gets installed and all is well.

However when this system is wiped and re-imaged, the software is not re-installed completely.

The event log shows that the product is configured successfully but no services are running nor files are present.

We do not understand how this can be, we have the idea that ‘somehwere’ a GUID of the computer is stored causing this problem.

The computer however is wiped and re-imaged completely. Even when the computer account is removed from AD before wiping the software doesn’t reinstall.

Removing the computer from the cloud console doesn’t help either.

Only ‘redeploy software’ at the AD level causes a full reinstall, but that’s for all computers so that is no real solution. 

We find this problem very strange and have spend considerable time trying to figure out what is happening, to no avail.

At the moment it seems that we are going to have to switch to another manufacturer because our computers have to be reliably installed with AV software immerdialtely after imaging.

We don’t want to put the software in the image because of the inflexibility that causes.

Other methods of distributing do not work because our users are not admins. Even if you manage to start of symredistributable as an admin, it only unpacks locally and starts another process to install which, very sad indeed, needs admin rights and gets you the UAC prompt.

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