Symantec IP Reputation

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Dear All,

Our server ( has suddenly been tagged with bad reputation preventing us from connecting with several customers and therefore directly impacting our business.

After trying several times to use the Symantec IP Reputation Investigation page ( without any outcome, feedback or results (is such page really doing something?) I finally decided to register and create this post and see if it is more successful.

As  already reported by many other one´s in this forum, Symantec is the only entity assigning a bad reputation to our server by indicating that this host as been observed sending spam but without providing any evidences of such statement. We don´t even use mailing lists.

It is also rather confusing that we cannot even reply back to customers willing to send us their messages; in most systems this would automatically lead into a “white listing” situation.

A simple search on this subject in the Symantec forum return over 800 entries, is this not an indication that perhaps the methodology should be revisited?

I´m looking forward for your feedback and solutions.





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