Symantec Preventing Windows Uprades

I need a solution


We have the latest version 14 installed and this is preventing the latest Creators Update from installing automatically on our machines(200+). In order to upgrade these machines, we have to uninstall Symantec, perform the upgrade, and reinstall Symantec. Where as this is supposed to be a seemless process, this is now creating an additonal expense in man hours as we cannot have the windows upgrade deployed automatically after business hours. Additionally, the remote push function does not work with version 14 and Windows 10 1703.

I found a previuos forum post stating that a manual upgrade must be performed that will allow the setup to download updates from microsoft that disbables the compatibility check however after doing so, the windows upgrade still asks to remove Symantec.

Please, is there any way to automatically upgrade to newer windows versions, without having to uninstall/install Symantec?



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