Trying to buy SEP 15

I do not need a solution (just sharing information)

Is it just me or is Symantec TRYING to be the most frustrating company to deal with?

I wanted to buy SEP15 for my premises, the th web site says it’s only cloud, so i click on BUY – and it takes me to buy SEP14

I find another path, click on SEP 15  click on Upgrade and it takes me to a link that explains I have to select TRIAL and then after the Trial is initiated I can UPGRADE.

So then I select Trial, I have to become a “tenant” whatever that means … and then when I fill out this preposterous form that asks information that really is well and truly NONE  of their business ….   I get a page telling me that my request is being processed and i will receive an email when I am approved.

?? This is more steps than it takes to buy a gun in 27 states ??

Is there any reason it needs to be THIS difficult?



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