Upgrade SEP 12 to SEP 14 and use new Sylink.xml

I need a solution


We are upgrading the SEP 12 client on 7,000 Windows 7 desktops to SEP 14.  We have SEPM 12 servers and new SEPM 14 servers.  The SEP 12 clients are currently being managed by the SEPM 12 servers they have to be switched to the SEPM 14 servers when upgraded.

The SEP 14 client install has the SEPM 14 SyLink.xml, but it seems to be ignored when updating the client as once the update is complete the client is still communicating with the “old” SEPM 12 servers.

I tried using KeepPreviousSetting=0 in SetAid.ini, but that results in the upgraded client being self-managed.

Is there a way to tell the SEP 14 client upgrade to use the new SyLink.xml when upgrading without having to manually run something like SylinkDrop before launching the upgrade ?




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