Using Application & Device Control on an unmanaged SEP 14 client

I need a solution


I want to know the best way forward where we have a number of Windows 10 clients which will either never connect to a network or may rarely do so.  I am thinking of making them unmanaged clients in this case,which will be no plroblem from an update point of view as they will be able to update using the intelligent updater files from Symantec, however we also need to manage the USB devices so that only  certain ones can be utilised.  The list of approved USB drives will be subject to regular changes and we will need to have the ability to add / remove them in the field on the unmanaged clients.

From what I have read, this sounds as though this will need to be done by creating the appropriate policy on a computer with the SEP Manager inistalled,and then the policy shipped out to the client and imported, but this sounds potentially cumbersome so I was wondering if there is another way of doing this on the unmanaged client directly using the latest version of SEP.

Please can someone advise me the best way forward,





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