Windows 10 Audit Mode Copy Profile

I need a solution

I’m attempting to build a Windows 10 image that doesn’t include the start menu tiles (per our organization requests).  The first time I did it, I used Windows own built in Sysprep tool to go into Audit Mode, make my changes, and used command line to speicfy the unattend file with <copyprofile> in it.  The problem is once I deployed that image, it refused to use the unattend file for some reason so we couldn’t get pass the welcome/setup screen automatically.

I figured that maybe Altiris is doing something special so I made my change sin Audit Mode and then closed the sysprep window so I could run Symantec’s own “prepare for Image capture”.  However, when it runs it returns an error in the setuperr file under Panther that the Required profile hive does not exist. It’s almost like it’s having a hard time creating the D: drive that Symantec uses for imaging.  The CD rom is unplugged so there’s no D drive already to conflict.



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