use sysprep for windows custom deployment, but leave settings like keyboard, start menu the same

I am trying to create a “base/reference” installation of Windows 8.1 which I can use to deploy to other computers with different hardware. After a lot of research, I was pointed to sysprep and ImageX and managed to get a Windows installation up and running on a different computer.

However, I noticed that the Windows settings went missing, including desktop background. However, all software remained installed, which is good. Settings which went missing are like:

  • Updated keyboard speed in control panel to fastest
  • Start Menu set as ‘Use small taskbar buttons’
  • Taskbar buttons: Never combine
  • Desktop background

Is it possible to keep these settings intact? Is this due to some parameters of sysprep?

I used the below:

sysprep.exe /audit /generalize /shutdown

I was using this to install Windows 8.1 Pro.


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