SolarWinds Orion Platform Supply Chain Attack

Due to the recent announcement by SolarWinds regarding compromises in their supply chain, SolarWinds has released a security advisory providing guidance on assessing and remediating this issue:

Cisco recommends that customers assess if they have used an affected version of SolarWinds Orion Platform and, if so, take the following actions:

  1. Follow the guidance provided in the SolarWinds Security Advisory.
  2. Determine the need to change credentials on all devices being managed by the affected SolarWinds platform software. This includes:
    • User credentials
    • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) version 2c community strings
    • SNMP version 3 user credentials
    • Internet Key Exchange (IKE) preshared keys
    • Shared secrets for TACACS, TACACS+, and RADIUS
    • Secrets for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), OSPF, Exterior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), or other routing protocols
    • Exportable RSA keys and certificates for Secure Shell (SSH) or other protocols

While there are no vulnerabilities in Cisco products related to this issue, if a customer was using an affected version of SolarWinds Orion Platform and would like to investigate potential impact to Cisco devices, Cisco has published a number of documents that can help the investigation. Please consult

Cisco TALOS has also published guidance regarding this issue that can be viewed here:

Customers that need assistance with Incident Response activities can contact Cisco TALOS here:

Cisco will update this advisory as needed, if additional information becomes available.

Security Impact Rating: Informational


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