Accessing the external SZC address URL , see HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error with Error Code 0x800700c1


Remove the Static and Dynamic Compression module from IIS. In order to do this:

1. Open the IIS Manager

2. Click the top level Server Node

3. Locate Modules in the right pane and open it

4. You’ll find DynamicCompressionModule. If it is “locked”, then unlock this module by selecting it and choosing the action in the upper right pane.

5. In the left pane under Connections, go into the Server Node – Sites – Default Web Site

6. Once in the Default Web Site view, in the right pane, find Modules and open it to find all the propagated modules from the server node top level

7. Locate DynamicCompressionModule within the default web site and remove it by selecting it, then clicking on “Remove” in the right-hand pane. (Note: if you have multiple sites on your server, remove it for the StorageZone Controller website rather than the default website)

8. Repeat the above steps 4..7 for the StaticCompressionModule

9. Use iisreset in Admin command prompt to resest IIS

Users should now be able to access the storage zone once again. They may need to log out and back in first.


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