Add a Request File Link to Your Outlook Signature

Add a Request a File Link to Your Outlook Signature

1. Open a New Outlook Email Message.

2. Click the Request Files button, then Use Custom Settings.



3. Configure the link settings.

Access Options: Choose Anyone (Name and email required) or Anyone (anonymous)

  • For the purposes of placing a secure link in your signature, the Sign In requirement cannot be used. “Sign In” requires that the recipient of your email message (the To field) be a user on your ShareFile account. Since many different recipients can access your signature link once its done, ShareFile cannot specify which user should be created as a user on your account, and will display an “Invalid Link” error when trying to send any email containing the link you generated using the Sign In option.

File and links expire after: Select “never”

  • Never will prevent your link from expiring and displaying an “Invalid Link” error

Upload Location: This defaults to your File Box; This is accessible from web app Folders> File Box

  • Note: if you are using Citrix Files for Windows (S drive) or Citrix Files for Mac (Finder) this location will not be visible. You can create a Personal or Shared Folder for your Request link to upload in to.

4. Click OK to generate the link.

5. Highlight the newly generated Request a File link, Right-Click and select Copy.

User-added image

6. Click Signature in the ribbon and edit the Signature you wish to add the link to and Paste the Request a File link into the signature.


7. Click Save to save the changes to your signature.

8.Repeat Steps 6-7 for any additional signatures

9. Click OK


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