App Layering – Symlinks to 8dot3 short folder names not showing files when elastic layering is enabled.

Verify the settings from this command on an administrator command prompt:

fsutil 8dot3name query

If the output is set to a 3 then 8dot3names are disabled. This will need to be set to a 2 in order to enable 8dot3names support.

Depending on where this setting was changed there are multiple ways to fix it.

Option 1 – Set on the OS layer:

  • If this setting has not been changed on any app layers, please add a version to the OS layer and run: fsutil 8dot3name set 2

Option 2 – Set on Platform Layer:

  • If multiple other app layers have the 8dot3name setting changed differently from the OS layer, you should be able to override this by running fsutil 8dot3name set 2 on the platform layer. This will not work if the app layers being used are elastically assigned to your users and not part of the published image. App Layering does not support mixing 8dot3 settings within the same session and you likely will see an error at login stating this.

Option 3 – Enable through GPO or the registry:

  • You can set a GPO to modify, or modify directly the DWORD value of NTFSDisable8dot3NameCreation found in HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetPolicies. If you find that Option 1 does not change the value at all, please check if this key is present. It will override the fsutil ‘set’ setting. In that case either delete the key or change the value to 2.


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