Cannot ‘Allow’ Citrix system file extensions when installing CF for Mac

Grab a copy of the database

  • The path is: /var/db/SystemPolicyConfiguration/ . See screenshot below and the required files:
  • image.png
  • Check if the kernel extension is allowed as shown below:
  • If it is allowed, then perform the steps highlighted below.

To fix the “Drive Unavailable” error, perform the following steps:

  1. Startup the Mac in recovery mode .
  2. Click the Utilities menu and select Terminal.
  3. Enter the following command:
    • /usr/sbin/spctl kext-consent add TEAMID
  4. Press Enter
    • Example: For Citrix the command would be: /usr/sbin/spctl kext-consent add S272Y5R93J
  5. Close the Terminal app and restart

If issue persists, Trigger the prompt by loading the kernel extension manually

sudo kextutil -t /Library/Filesystems/ctxfuse.fs/Contents/Extensions/10.12/ctxfuse.kext/

Note: Older builds (20.9 or less) can use sudo kextutil -t /Library/Filesystems/ctxfuse.fs/Contents/Extensions/10.11/ctxfuse.kext/

After running this command, open the system preferences in the security pane and see if you can approve the prompt.

While running the above command, if you encounter the Unable to stage kext” error then perform the action items highlighted below:


  1. As suggested here, run the below command:
    • chflags restricted /Volumes/Macintosh HD/private/var/db/KernelExtensionManagement
  2. People who have ran into the staging error have also reported upgrading to MacOS 10.15 Catalina also fixes the issue.


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