Citrix ADC MPX/SDX Fortville NIC Err-Disabled when LLDP enabled on Switch/Router side interface.

When Citrix ADC connecting to a switch/router using Fortville NIC (For example 10G port on MPX 8900), interface will show UP for a moment then go to Err-Disabled state. Running show interface command on ADC you can find ADC 10G ports in Err-Disabled State, along with TX Stall and Hang counts. Issue reproduce when 10G ports are bound to a channel.

For example:

Interface 10/1 (10G Ethernet, SR, 10 Gbit) #9 Error-Disabled

flags=0x4004110 <ENABLED, DOWN(PWR OFF), BOUND to LA/2, down, autoneg, 802.1q>

MTU=1500, MAC=00:e0:ed:dd:ff:22, downtime 0h11m36s

Requested: media AUTO, speed AUTO, duplex AUTO, fctl OFF,

throughput 0

LLDP Mode: NONE, LR Priority: 1024

RX: Pkts(469) Bytes(383025) Errs(0) Drops(469) Stalls(0)

TX: Pkts(139) Bytes(5838) Errs(0) Drops(12) Stalls(38)

NIC: InDisc(0) OutDisc(0) Fctls(0) Stalls(0) Hangs(25) Muted(0)

Bandwidth thresholds are not set.

Rx Ring: Configured size=2048, Actual size=512, Type: Elastic


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