Citrix Director – 7.15 LTSR: Exporting session trends from Citrix director by selecting last one month option, generates only last 7 days data

Restart the Monitor service on DDCs to resolve the issue.

Please follow these steps to confirm if your environment only saves 7 days of historical data :

1). Check the following value in DB(Both of them default value is 90):

[Monitor DB name].[Monitor].[Configuration].[GroomSessionsRetentionDays]

[Monitor DB name].[Monitor].[Configuration].[GroomApplicationInstanceRetentionDays]

2). If the above value is right, restart Monitoring services in all DDCs.

3). Record current data in the following table

[Monitor DB name].[MonitorData].[Session]

[Monitor DB name].[MonitorData].[ApplicationInstance ]

4). Wait for about 2-3 days, check if there is more than 10 days’ historical data following table.

Check if any data older than 10 days has not been deleted.


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