Citrix Director : Top 10 Process Table Does Not Populate Any Data After Upgrading to CAVD 1912 LTSR CU2

Steps 1 :

If running the following command doesn’t resolve the issue with Top 10 Processes enumerating in Citrix Director follow the Step 2 instructions.

Set-MonitorConfiguration -EnableDayLevelGranularityProcessUtilization $True

Set-MonitorConfiguration -EnableHourLevelGranularityProcessUtilization $True

Set-MonitorConfiguration -EnableMinLevelGranularityProcessUtilization $True

Step 2 :

Set or modify the following Registry on VDA:

1).HKLMSoftwareCitrixGroupPolicySaveRsopToFile Type : DWORD(32-bit) Value Data: 1

2).HKLMSoftwareCitrixGroupPolicySaveRsopToRegistry Type : DWORD(32-bit) Value Data: 0

3). Delete the original Policy “Enable process monitoring” and re-create it.

4). Restart the VDA Server / VDI Desktop or do a GPUPDATE /Force to push the policies on VDA machine.

5). Restart Citrix Controllers (DDC) and Citrix Director Servers

Note: If due to some reasons you are unable to restart the Citrix Controller Servers you may restart the Citrix Broker Service and Citrix Monitor Service.

6). Wait for about 10 minutes, then check the Top 10 process in Director.

7). The Top 10 Processes should show up.

NOTE : Last Option To Get The Issue Fixed is To Uninstall VDA Component and Install Again.


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