Citrix Endpoint Management (aka XenMobile Server) 10.14.0 Rolling Patch 4

Package name: xms_10.14.0.10424.bin

For: XenMobile Server 10.14.0

Deployment type: On-premises only

Replaces: xms_10.14.0.10303.bin, xms_10.14.0.10206.bin, and xms_10.14.0.10118.bin

Date: January 2022

Languages supported: English (US)

    Important notes about this update

    As a best practice, Citrix recommends that you install this and other updates to ensure that you have the latest security updates.

      Where to find documentation

      For information about the issue(s) resolved by this release, feature changes, and actions required, see XenMobile Server 10.14 Rolling Patch 4.

        Installing this update

        If your system is configured in cluster mode, follow the steps below to update each node, one after the other.


        Before installing this update, take a snapshot of the current settings and create a backup of the database.

        1. Log on to your account on the Citrix website and download the XenMobile Server update (.bin) file to an appropriate location.

        2. In the XenMobile Server console of a node, click Settings > Release Management.

          The Release Management page shows the currently installed software version and a list of any updates, patches, and upgrades that you uploaded.

        3. Under Release Management, click Update. The Update dialog box appears.

        4. Click Browse to upload the update (.bin) file you downloaded from

        5. Click Update and then, if prompted, restart the XenMobile Server node using command line.

        To verify the patch deployment

        After installing this patch, log on to the XenMobile Server console as an administrator, then navigate to Settings > Release Management > Updates. Information about the most recent successful patch installation appears on that page.


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