Citrix Gateway Service Points of Presence (PoPs) – Citrix Cloud Japan

In order to ensure business continuity and assure the quality of service for customers using Citrix Gateway service with Citrix Cloud Japan, Citrix provides the following Points of Presence (PoPs) for Citrix Cloud Japan customers.

Customer actions

Customers who may have hard-coded the FQDN or IP addresses to reach the Citrix Gateway PoPs in their firewall and outbound proxies will need to ensure they update those rules.

Firewall Configuration

Citrix recommends customers configure firewalls and secure web gateways according to the documentation available at

Citrix recommends using the following address:

*.* (including all subdomains)

Customers who are unable to enable all subdomains may instead use the following addresses:



Using the recommended addresses ensures continued operation of the Citrix Gateway service as Citrix adds and retires addresses to enhance performance and availability.

Observed FQDNs

The FQDNs in this section may be observed in firewall logs.

Live as of February 2022









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