Citrix HTML5 and Receiver for Chrome 1.6 display a Black Screen when Launching Applications / Desktops

1 or more of your Citrix Policies have 16bit color set as the Maximum allowed color depth.

Adjust your Citrix Policies to allow 24bit or higher color depth.

The location of this Citrix Policy setting is under:

ICA/Graphics > Maximum allowed color depth – (set this to anything above 16bit)

NOTE: The default setting for Maximum allowed color depth is 32bit.

This issue is listed for Receiver for Chrome 1.6 under the Known Issues section of the release notes.

“When a session is launched using XenApp 6.5 with maximum allowed color depth set to 16 bits per pixel, a black screen results. [#0552507] ”

Citrix Documentation

Default policy settings

Citrix Forum posting – HTML5 Application shows only black Screen


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