Citrix Receiver for Web: Error “Cannot complete your request”

There can be multiple reasons behind this issue as the error message we are getting on Web browser is very generic. To isolate and resolve this issue please follow these steps:

1. From test machine ping the base URL and confirm the IP you are getting:

  • Case 1: Unable to resolve any IP
Make sure the URL in base URL is correct and make sure there is a DNS entry for the URL
  • Case 2: Able to resolve Load Balancing VIPs IP
In this case we have to isolate whether it’s a Storefront issue or NetScaler. We also need to verify all the StoreFront servers.
  1. Browse “Store for Web” using IP address of StoreFront/localhost on StoreFront server and confirm if you are able to login and see resources, check this on all the StoreFront servers
  2. If you are able to login and see resources then it should be a configuration on LB VIP causing the issue then troubleshooting should be done on NetScaler.
  3. If you are still getting same error then troubleshooting should be done on StoreFront.
  • Case 3: IP resolving to one of the StoreFront’s IP
We have to troubleshoot Storefront and check why it’s causing issue.
  • Case 4: Incorrect Trusted domain Configured
Incorrect trusted domain configured for NetScaler Passthrough

To resolved: Correct the domain name or select “All Domains” under “Manage Authentication Methods” for NetScaler Passthrough

Troubleshooting StoreFront:
  1. Ping the base URL from StoreFront servers, each StoreFront server should resolve the base URL to it’s own IP if now then create a host entry (
  2. Make sure you are able to browse default IIS page as StoreFront is dependent on IIS.
  3. Make sure that the Default Store was never deleted from the StoreFront server. Deleting the default Store can corrupt StoreFront and we may need to reinstall StoreFront.
  4. Confirm if StoreFront services are running, Citrix Cluster join service can be in disable state(only works when we add a new server to Server Group).
  5. Check event viewer on StoreFront server. There can be multiple Receiver for Web events, e.g. “Failed to run discovery” or “Unable to resolve/find URL at 443/80”.
    • This can happen because of bindings on IIS. Make sure if the base URL is https then there should be https binding on StoreFront server with valid certificates if not then change base URL to http and confirm you have http/port 80 binding on IIS.
      • User-added image
  6. Check authentication methods in Store> Manage Authentication Methods
    • If authentication method available is Username and Password and you have selected Smart Card in Manage Authentication Methods then StoreFront will not find a way to authenticate users and give errors


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