Citrix Workspace App: “An account is not configured. Please contact your administrator.”

Requirements to see the dialog box (what needs to be installed or present/not present so the dialog appears):

  1. Workspace App (we tested versions 1912 and above, but this may go back much further into past releases) installed as either CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe or CitrixWorkspaceAppWeb.exe. Can be installed via command line or double-click and the user follows the installation wizard.
  2. The SelfService PlugIn has to be installed (it is installed by default).
  3. When the install property or the Registry value AllowAddStore is set to N.
  4. The user has not configured a Store or a Store does not appear in the settings under Policy or Registry

The dialog box will appear when a user does one of two actions:

  1. Clicks on the Workspace App icon in the System Tray
  2. Launches Workspace App from the Windows Start Menu.

If any of the 4 requirements are met or true, then this is expected and is By-Design. The reason is, dialog box indicating that is Store is not present is required when enforcing a requirement that Store URLs use https. For more details on the AllowAddStore property, please see our Product Documentation: Install and Uninstall | Citrix Workspace app for Windows.

There is no method to disable this dialog box from appearing as long as SelfService has been installed.

To completely avoid this dialog box, SelfService/SelfServicePlugIn should not be installed or should be removed from the installation. For more details, please see How to Manually Extract, Install, and Remove Individual .msi Files from Receiver.exe or ReceiverEnterprise.exe (

The important consideration or risk to take into account by not including SelfService from the product installation is that this component is what allows for automation of Workspace App. Any applications or scripts that utilize the Citrix SDK for this automation or the products of third-party vendors may be impacted.

If you or your users acquire their hosted resources through a web browser, authentication, resource acquisition on the browser itself, launch, and device redirections are not impacted by the absence of SelfService, thus, in these scenarios, this may be a good solution.

Please consult our Product Documentation as well as the documentation of products belonging to third-party vendors.


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