Citrix XenMobile Support for iOS 10

The Citrix XenMobile team is currently working on product updates to XenMobile 9 and XenMobile 10 to support the upcoming release of iOS 10 in Fall 2016. Citrix is committed to provide zero-day compatibility for both XenMobile 9 and XenMobile 10 when iOS 10 is generally available in Fall 2016. Zero-day compatibility means XenMobile will operate with the new operating system platform from Apple.

In addition to Zero-day compatibility, Citrix is reviewing new features that take advantage of iOS10. We will keep our customers informed as we learn more on the changes needed to support any of the new features.

With both a developer and public beta for iOS 10 now available, Citrix has started to fix any gaps and areas of incompatibilities with iOS 10 to ensure our commitment to Zero-day compatibility.

The XenMobile Product Team will also provide Early Access Releases for both XenMobile 9 and XenMobile 10 for both Secure Hub and our WorxApps after the availability of the public beta version of iOS 10. Until then, we recommend that our XenMobile customers not install the iOS 10 beta whether it is the developer beta or the public beta version other than for their internal lab testing and evaluation purposes.

If you are interested in participating in the Early Access Release program for iOS 10, please contact your Citrix Sales Representative.


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