Communication times out while forwarding to RemoteHcl WCF server (HclOverWebsockets feature toggle enabled)

Specify the cloud connector FQDN in the WinHTTP proxy bypass list. The following example shows the addition of the cloud connector with an FQDN of `bvcchard2.hardening.local` to the WinHTTP proxy bypass list:

After setting the bypass list, restart the cloud connector to apply the new WinHTTP settings.


When specifying the bypass list, use semicolons, not commas, to separate the items in the list. The netsh winhttp set proxy command accepts the comma syntax, but the resulting bypass list is ignored. Do not use “*” wildcards when performing this operation.

For example:

netsh winhttp set proxy proxy-server=”http=;https=″ bypass-list=”<-loopback>;bvcchard2.hardening.local”

In the example above, the IP addresses are the proxy server and port.


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