Create a HAR file for Chrome

IMPORTANT: Please note that HAR files contain sensitive clear text data including content of pages while recording, such as user names, passwords, keys, etc, and should only be shared with trusted recipients via secure channels such as

Sharing files via email is not recommended.

Remove any sensitive information from the file before you send it to Citrix Support.

1. Open the HAR file in a text editor

2. Identify and replace all sensitive information captured in the HAR file with a placeholder

3. Save HAR File

The following instructions provide the steps to generate a HAR file for troubleshooting.

  1. Open your browser.
  2. From the menu, select -> More tools -> Developer Tools.
  3. Select the Network tab.
  4. Make sure “Preserve Log” is checked.
  5. Select the black circle to start recording the browser activity. This will change it into a red circle.
  6. Reproduce the issue.
  7. Select the red circle to stop recording. This will change it back into a black circle.
  8. Right click in the console and select Save as HAR with Content.
  9. Provide the HAR file to technical support.


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