Deploy ShareConnect Host Installer

Note: To follow the steps below, you must have a Windows 2012 domain controller. There may be slight differences in the 2008/2003 environments of the domain controller.

1. Log in to the domain controller and open the Active Directory Users and Computers window.

2. On the Active Directory console tree, right-click on your domain to create a newOrganizational Unit (for example, ShareConnect) and add computers you want to install ShareConnect to this organizational unit.

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3. Open Group Policy Management window to create a new Group Policy Object (for example, Windows SSO) for the Organizational Unit that you’ve created above.

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4. Right-click on the Group Policy object created and select Edit to modify its properties.

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5. In the Group Policy Management Editor window, go to Computer configuration >Policies > WindowsSettings > Scripts in the console tree.

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6. Click on the Properties link under Startup script to open the Startup Properties windows.

Note: You can also right-click on Startup script to open the Startup Properties window.

7. Click on the Add button to open the Add Script window. In the Script Name field enter the script path created here.

Leave the Script Parameters field empty.

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8. Right-click on the organizational unit created and select Group Policy Update.

This will update the group policy settings of the computers in the domain. If this fails, open the command prompt on your client computer and run ‘gpudate /force’.

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9. When the user reboots their computer and logs in using their domain credentials, ShareConnect will be installed.


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