Dual NIC Support for Images Published to PVS

Create a new platform layer or platform layer revision. When the packaging machine comes up, configure the VM to have two network cards (PVS on Hyper-V requires a Legacy Network Adapter to PXE boot). If creating a new platform layer, install the PVS target software on the platform layer. If creating a platform layer revision, you don’t need to re-install PVS.

After installing PVS, and after all required reboots have been completed, open an administrative command prompt on the packaging machine. Run “ipconfig /all”. Match up the IP address of the streaming NIC (Legacy Network Adapter in Hyper-V) with correct adapter name (e.g. “Ethernet” or “Ethernet 2”).

Renew the DHCP lease on the streaming NIC (e.g. an adapter named “Ethernet 2”). Again in an administrative command prompt run ipconfig /release “Ethernet 2” followed by ipconfig /renew “Ethernet 2”. This forces the App Layering drivers to select this adapter as the “primary NIC”.

Run Shutdown for Finalize and finalize the layer as you normally would from the ELM UI.

Note: If you Shutdown for Finalize, but then need to turn the machine back on for any reason, you will need to re-run these renew/release commands. You will need to run these commands on every new version of the platform layer.


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