Edit Email Logo, Header, and Footer

TheEdit Account Appearancemenu can be found underSettings>Admin Settings>Company Account Info> Edit Company Branding.

Under Edit Account Appearance, open additional categories for customization by clicking on “Use the advanced appearance options.”

Email Options

To customize additional advanced appearance options for email notifications, expand Email Options.

Logo – By default, email notifications can use the logo from Basic Options. However, you can specify a specific image solely for email messages. This image must be no taller than 80px and no wider than 520px.

Header Text – By default the email header provides a brief overview of the ShareFile service. Replace this text to include in the header of all “Email with Citrix” messages and activity notifications.

Footer Text – By default an email footer is not included. Any text placed here will go at the bottom of all email notifications sent from your account.

Note: apostrophes (‘) are not supported in Email Options text.

Once you have made your desired email option changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Before leaving this page, confirmyour changes are saved successfully.

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