Enterprise Sync End of Life

As of October 31, 2019 Enterprise Sync Manager Tool will begin deprecation.

Deprecation may take several weeks to complete and the tool may still be temporarily available for some users during this process.

Once complete the tool will no longer be available for users.


Network Share Connector is an Enterprise Plan feature only.

The following alternatives for Enterprise sync are available:

If you are using ShareFile to perform a one-way sync of network drives to the cloud, we recommend migrating that data to ShareFile through the ShareFile Data Migration Tool.

If you are performing a two-way sync between ShareFile and a local drive, we recommend the following options:

  1. Migrate the Network Share data to ShareFile via the ShareFile Data Migration Tool
  2. Deploy a ShareFile Network Share Connector:
  • This will allow your users to interact directly with the Network Share from within ShareFile and Citrix Files for Mobile, Windows, or Mac.
  • Permissions are still controlled and managed directly from the Network Share.

In both options above, Citrix Files for Windows supports mapping multiple drives (mount points) to multiple folders/connectors to avoid a change in usage experience whether the data is migrated to ShareFile accessed via a ShareFile Network Share Connector.

  • Migration does not affect documents with links to a universal file path. More information can be found in this article under the heading: Mount Points.

If you are performing a one-way Sync from ShareFile to a local drive, to generate a backup of ShareFile data:

  • Customize your sync options using our PowerShell SDK / API
  • Sync your entire account, or specify users and folders to be included
  • Utilize a Citrix Ready third party, such as Qnap and SkySync.


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