Error: Lost connection to lmgrd, heartbeat timeout expired, exiting. EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 28 Exit Reason 5 in License server

This issue can occur when there is a break in the communication within the 7279 daemon port of the licensing server. The break can occur because of a random port scanning on the server.

Verify the lmadmin.log file for the Licensing server in the c:program filescitrixlicensinglslogs folder. This lmadmin.log file initially shows that there is a continued break in communication.

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The c:program filescitrixlicensinglslogsCITRIX.log file gives more information about the loss of connection to the Licensing Server:

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The preceding error indicates that there is a loss of connection, because the heartbeat is timing out.

In this scenario, the application event log shows a consistent entry from McLogEvent. This entry is a port monitoring software function from McAfee:

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The port scanning software is interrupting the established connections to the Citrix Licensing server causing the heartbeat to the port to timeout and eventually causing the service to lockup.


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