Error on Studio: “A working instance for the Configuration Logging Service could not be found”

1. Restart the Citrix services with the following PowerShell commands and then close and reopen Studio:

  • Get-Service Citrix* | Stop-Service -Force
  • Get-Service Citrix* | Start-Service

Note: Studio is not going to show the same error message anymore, and it should prompt for a Mandatory upgrade again. Do not proceed with the upgrade yet, and make sure you have a good backup of the database before continuing with the following steps.

2. Re-register the Log and Monitor services connection strings with the following PowerShell commands:

Set-MonitorDBConnection -DataStore Monitor -DBConnection $nullSet-MonitorDBConnection -DBConnection $nullSet-LogDBConnection -DataStore Logging -DBConnection $nullSet-LogDBConnection -DBConnection $null
$cs="Server=$ServerName;Initial Catalog=$SiteDBName;Integrated Security=True"$csLogging= "Server=$ServerName;Initial Catalog=$LogDBName;Integrated Security=True"$csMonitoring = "Server=$ServerName;Initial Catalog=$MonitorDBName;Integrated Security=True"
Set-LogDBConnection -DBConnection $csSet-LogDBConnection -DataStore Logging -DBConnection $csLoggingSet-MonitorDBConnection -DBConnection $csSet-MonitorDBConnection -DataStore Monitor -DBConnection $csMonitoring

3. Proceed with the Mandatory upgrade on Studio by clicking the “Start the automatic Site upgrade” button. If prompted, enter the credentials used by the controllers to connect to the database.

4. Wait for the upgrade to finish, and then Studio should start to work properly.


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