Error while downloding the Citrix Gateway Plugin from Downloads Tab of ADC : Forbidden you don't have permission to access

Fixed with 13.0 build 41.20 where the Citrix Access gateway plugin file for MAC OS X is present under /var/netscaler/gui/vpns/scripts/mac directory despite upgrading through CLI with or without creating a director under /var/nsinstall.

Follow the below steps:

With 13.0 build 41.20:


1) Copy 13.0 build 41.20 package to /var/nsinstall via CLI.

2) Extracted the package directly under /var/nsinstall ( NOTE: No need to create any directory under /var/nsinstall to save Citrix ADC firmware package)

3) Ran ./installns

RESULT: Access the NetScaler through GUI > Download Tab > Clicked on “ Download Citrix Gateway Plug-in for Mac OS X” or “Download Citrix Gateway Plug-in for Windows” > Should be able to download the files

MAC or Vista Folder found under : / var/netscaler/gui/vpns/scripts/

Work-Around for build blow 13.0


Upgrade or Downgrade through CLI by creating a folder under /var/nsinstall or upgrade or downgrade Citrix ADC firmware prior to 13.0 via GUI.


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