Error while login page for ShareFile

Un-reconcile and reconcile the user account in the App Controller admin UI.

  1. Login to the admin UI at https://appc:4443/admin. Select the view as Manage users.

  2. Click Apps tab.

  3. Click Active Directory.

  4. Search for the user.

  5. Click the red arrows under un-reconcile. The browser prompts you to confirm that you want to un-reconcile the user. Click OK.

  6. Find the affected user account.

  7. Click the green arrows under Reconcile to reconcile the account.

  8. Search for the user.

  9. Click the green arrows to reconcile the account. The browser will confirm that you want to reconcile the account. Click OK.

Manually Sync active directory in App Controller

  1. Login at the appc control point https://appc:4443/ControlPoint.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click Active Directory on the left.

  4. Click Sync button under the Actions column.

Manually Sync Sharefile

  1. Click Apps and Docs tab.

  2. Click ShareFile under the Docs section on the left.

  3. Click Sync next to Sharefile Configuration.

When all the preceding steps are completed, if the user experiences the error message after logging into the session, wait until the automatic sync of App Controller and Sharefile.

Note: The automatic sync of App Controller and Sharefile occurs at 2 am daily.


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