Error:”Cannot connect to server” “Can't assign requested address”

1: None ADC issue

Confirmed in client packets and NetScaler nstrace, there is no TCP connection founded for launch failed desktop session. Client did not try to establish any TCP connection for desktop launch failed scenario. Only successful ICA connection recorded and matched with customer’s test results.

2: Client DNS resolution failured from CDF trace in receiver.

A hostname is being given of HDX-dektop.server to connect to. The Client, however, is translating this to the ip address of The Implication here is that this is a secured environment that has a proxy setting in place to redirect many undesired addresses to

CDF Log:

37525,0,2020/08/05 17:51:22:57588,11944,7864,-1,HPC_ICA_ENG,SslASock_Api.c,467,SslASock_Connect(),1,Information,”SSL Relay host name:HDX-dektop.server resolved to:″,”” (working scenario)

130535,0,2020/08/05 17:51:33:46960,13344,13428,-1,HPC_ICA_ENG,SslASock_Api.c,467,SslASock_Connect(),1,Information,”SSL Relay host name: HDX-dektop.server resolved to:″,“” (NOT working scenario)


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