FAQ: NetScaler and WebSockets

Q: Which version of NetScaler supports WebSockets?

A: NetScaler supports Secure WebSockets from version 10.0.

Q: Does the NetScaler have the capability of performing SSL Offload for VIPs servicing WebSocket applications. Does it also support SSL offload?

A: Netscaler supports “ws://” for HTTP 80 and “wss://” for HTTPS 443. Only requirement is to bind an HTTP profile with “Enable WebSocket connection” option enabled.

Q: Does Content Switching support websockets?

A: Yes, Websockets are supported on CS.

Q: Does CVPN support websockets?

A: No, Websockets are not supported on CVPN.

Q: Does Priority Load balancing virtual server support websockets?

A: Yes, websockets are supported on Priority LB vservers. Configuration of websocket is the same as that of a regular LB vserver.

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