Folder Redirection with Citrix Profile Management

Folder redirection is a feature of Microsoft Windows and can be used with Profile Management.

Important: Configure folder redirection using only one of these methods: Microsoft Active Directory (AD) GPOs or Citrix policies. Using multiple methods to configure folder redirection may cause unpredictable results. Using Microsoft AD GPOs provides the most comprehensive configuration options, so it is recommended.

  1. Move the required users to the OU that is managed by Profile Management.
  2. Create a GPO and open it for edit.
  3. In User Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Citrix > Profile Management > Folder Redirection, select the folder you want to redirect.
  4. Enable the Redirect the <folder name> folder policy and provide the path to this shared folder. Do not add exclusions for redirected folders. Do not add usernames or folder names to this path. For example, if you set this path to the Desktop folder as \servershare, to the user this is redirected as \servershare<user name>Desktop.
  5. For your changes to take effect, run the gpupdate /force command from the command prompt as documented at

All folders can be redirected, including:

  • The Documents folder, which you can redirect to the user’s home directory
  • The Music, Pictures, and Videos folders, which you can redirect relative to the Documents folder

How to check if folder redirection is working:

  • We can check the same details by navigating to the “Properties” of the same redirected folder inside ICA session.
  • That will show you the details of redirected folder against the “Target” field.

Logging for Folder Redirection:

UPM log an event in Event Viewer under Application logs in case of any failure in “Folder Redirection”. However there will not be any events for any successful folder redirection using UPM.

Error in event viewer during the failure:


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