How Do I Resolve a Failed Cloud Connector Maintenance

A Cloud Connector will enter maintenance mode for a number of reasons including software updates. Only one connector will be put into maintenance mode at a time. This ensures that there are other connectors available to handle service requests.

In some cases, the Cloud Connector may fail to update and may be unable to exit maintenance mode. Due to this, other Cloud Connectors will be unable to perform regular maintenance and update when necessary. This will eventually lead to the connectors getting into an outdated state. Connectors marked as outdated will no longer be able handle service requests, ultimately resulting in service outages.

If the Cloud Connector goes into maintenance mode but then fails to update, the Resource Location and individual connector machine will be marked with an error and a notification will be sent to the Administrator.

Resource Location View:

Resource Location - Error State

Cloud Connector View:

Cloud Connector View

Possible causes of this include:

  1. Conflicting software has been installed on the Cloud Connector machine, preventing proper update.
  2. Unexpected error has occurred during maintenance.


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