How Do I Restore an Offline Cloud Connector to an Online State

Citrix Cloud runs periodic health checks on Cloud Connectors to ensure that they are operational. As part of the health checks a programmatic ping is sent to the Connector from Citrix Cloud. If Citrix Cloud is unable to contact the Cloud Connector, the Connector will be considered offline. Offline connectors will impact service availability and prevent maintenance.

If a Connector goes into the offline state, the Resource Location and individual connector machine will be marked with a warning and a notification will be sent to the Administrator.

Resource Location View:

Resource Location - Warning State

Cloud Connector View:

Cloud Connector View

Possible causes of this include:

  1. The Cloud Connector machine is powered off.
  2. The Cloud Connector machine is experiencing network connectivity issues.
  3. The Citrix Cloud Agent System and Citrix Cloud Agent WatchDog services are not in a running state on the Cloud Connector machine.


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