How Do I Solve Smart Tools Agent Installation Issues

The primary intent of this article is explain how to troubleshoot issues encountered while downloading and installing the Smart Tools agent.


Smart Tools uses agents to facilitate communication with other machines and perform a variety of tasks such as monitoring, coordinating deployments, and collecting metrics. These agents are installed on machines that Smart Tools manages (for example, as in a blueprint deployment) or monitors (for example, for running health checks on or scaling XenApp and XenDesktop Sites).

To manage your servers using Citrix Smart Tools, the Citrix Smart Tools Agent must be installed on each server you want to manage. You can have Smart Tools install the agent on new servers in your resource location or you can install the agent manually on existing servers you want Smart Tools to manage.

The Smart Tools Agent is a lightweight software package that coordinates software deployment, collects metrics, and transmits logs. The agent has two functions:

  • When installed on machines provisioned using a blueprint, the agent enables Smart Tools to monitor each server, auto-scale servers, and provide redundancy and failover.
  • When installed on a machine designated as a connector, the agent acts as a point of contact between Smart Tools and the machines in a firewalled resource location.


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