How to Access and Use the ShareFile Sync for Windows Dashboard

Sync Dashboard

ShareFile Sync for Windows version 3.5 and later includes a Dashboard you can view from your Task Tray. To access the Dashboard menu, right-click the ShareFile icon in the Task Tray.

ShareFile Icon in the system tray

You can view currently syncing and synced files, currently checked out files, start or pause the Sync process, open your root Sync location, launch the ShareFile website in your default browser, access Sync Preferences or Exit the Sync program all from this Dashboard. You can navigate directly to a file’s location by right-clicking the file name.

To open a file in its native program, double-click the file. This requires that you have a compatible version of the file’s program installed on your machine.

Syncing in Progress

The Dashboard will also provide you with details for various errors you may encounter while syncing. Click the orange icon to access these details.

Warning message indicating a long file path error


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