How to Change License Renewal Files Using the New License Portal to Work with License Server 11.3 or Older

a. Log on to My Account.

b. Renew your licenses as normal and wait to receive your order confirmation email.

Note: Do not use the link provided in the order confirmation email as it will not work on the older license server.

c. From My Account navigate to and select the All Licensing Tools.

d. Select Reallocate.

e. Choose the license(s) that you just renewed and select Continue.

f. Do not change any information on the “configure” step. Just select Continue (you are essentially reallocating this license to the same license server).

g. select Continue again on the “confirmation” step.

h. You will get a confirmation that your “Reallocation was successful”. Select OK to download the new license file.

i. Proceed as normal to save the license file and then install on your license server.

Note: This work around must be performed every time a license is renewed after November 6, 2011, as long as the License Server version is 11.3 or older.


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