How to Change NTP Source on XenServer

Complete the following procedure:

  1. Access xsconsole by typing xsconsole at the dom0 command line.
  2. In xsconsole, select Network and Management Interface.

  3. Select Network Time (NTP).

  4. If prompted, type the password for the root user account.

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  5. Optional: Select Remove All NTP Servers before adding a new NTP server.

  6. Select Add an NTP Server.

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  7. Enter the IP address of the NTP server.

    (Tip: If not currently known, you can use nslookup on the Windows command line to get the IP address of your NTP server.)

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  8. When the new time server has been accepted, exit to the XenServer command line by selecting Quit in the xsconsole.

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  9. Verify that the time service daemon is running on your XenServer host by using # service chronyd status.

If there are errors, see if the time server is accessible using the ping command. Some time servers are configured not to respond to ping requests. First attempt to ping the time server from a system on a different network to your XenServer host to verify that the time server responds to pings.

If the time server can be pinged, ping it from your XenServer host and ensure you have network connectivity and TCP port 123 open. If ping fails from XenServer, there might be a networking problem in your environment.


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