How to Change the ShareFile Account Owner

Identifying the ShareFile Administrator / Account Owner

To identify the current Account Owner, access People > Manage Users or Browse Employees. The Account Owner will have a special icon to the right of their name.


The Account Owner is also indicated on the Admin Settings > Admin Overview page.

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Change the Account Owner

1) To change the Account Owner, the current Account Owner must sign into the ShareFile web application or Citrix Cloud admin portal > Content Collaboration > Manage and navigate to Admin Settings > Admin Overview.

2) The current Account Owner can use the Reassign account owner button to designate a new Account Owner. In the Reassign Account Owner menu, select the new owner from the confirmed employees on your account.

  • The new Account Owner must be an employee user on the account, and that employee user must have logged in at least once using ShareFile credentials. Note: If the New Account Owner has only logged in with Company Credentials, you will receive the error “Failed to save new account owner”.
  • The Reassign account owner button is onlyavailable to the current Account Owner user.

3) Click Assign New Account Owner to complete the process. Once submitted, this change cannot be undone. Only the new Account Owner will be able to reassign using the steps above.

4) Currently, the new Account Owner is not notified of the change via email. Note: Automatic email notifications are currently in development.


If the current Account Owner is not available to complete these steps, please contact ShareFile customer support .


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