How to Customize Gateway Login Page Labels for Custom Theme when nFactor Login Schema is enabled

To customize the login page labels, first you need to confirm which login schema you are using. In this article, “test_single_auth.xml” created using default login schema “SingleAuth.xml” will be used for demonstration.

If you are using custom theme with login schema, the end-user login page may look like this:


You need to recustomize the display of these login page labels, follow the below steps to customize them:

1. Find your using login schema and edit it, copy the text present for the Label tag:


2. Navigate to /var/netscaler/logon/themes/<custom_theme_name>, select strings.en.json(assuming customization for English language) and add the required text in this format{“label1”:”display1”, “label2”:”display2”}.

For example:


After adding the above contents, the end-user login page will look like this:


Please note, to customize login page labels for different language, follow the same steps and edit corresponding json language files.

If your browser language is simple chinese, please use UTF-8 encoding to add the required text into strings.zh-CN.json.


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