How to delete temporary folder from ShareFile for Outlook

Delete temp folders

1.) In Microsoft Outlook, make sure there aren´t any pending emails in the Outbox folder. If so, please either Delete them or Save them as Drafts.

2.) Click the Windows Start button and type: %appdata%


3.) Press the enter key when the Roaming folder displays in the list, or click it.

4.) Navigate to the following file path: C:Users%username%AppDataRoamingCitrixShareFile for Outlook

5.) Delete all folders with “temp-” in the name.

6.) Delete the “settings.cfg” file.


7.) Restart Microsoft Outlook and re-enter your ShareFile credentials and settings when prompted.

  • If you are not prompted to re-enter your credentials during the Outlook startup process, from the Outlook home tab click the ShareFile button to loginimage.png

8.) Compose a new email with a ShareFile attachment and attempt to resend it.


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