How to Enable Debug Logging for Proxy Events on Citrix Cloud Connector

To Debug the Proxy settings, the ServiceWebProxy supports registry settings that enable output of events to the Windows Event Log (Application Log).

  1. Create the following registry key on the Server, where you are installing the Citrix Cloud Connector or where you are having connectivity issues between the Citrix Cloud Connector and Citrix Cloud.



“EventLogSource”=”Citrix.CloudServices.ServiceWebProxy” TYPE : REG_SZ



“EventLogSource”=”Citrix.CloudServices.ServiceWebProxy” TYPE : REG_SZ

  1. Next, from an administrative PowerShell prompt, run the following command:

New-EventLog -LogName ‘Application’ -Source ‘Citrix.CloudServices.ServiceWebProxy
  1. Restart the Citrix Cloud Services on the Connector.

  2. For each service started Proxy related messages should be recorded in the Windows Application Logs in Event Viewer.

Note: To disable the additional Proxy logging after completing troubleshooting, change both the “EnableEventLog” values from 1 to 0.


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