How to Enroll into Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

2. From the login screen, enter your account credentials and click the “Sign In” button Select Create Citrix Account at the bottom of the login screen if you need to set up a new Citrix account.

New Athena login.png


Note: A user can change the email address provided prior to sending the MFA code for enrollment.

Changing the email in the MFA enrollment screen will automatically update the email for MyAccount and Citrix’s internal systems as well.

5. Check your email inbox for a 6 digit verification code sent to the email address provided in Step 1.Note: If you did not receive an email, check the Spam folder.

6. Enter verification code and account password in the applicable fields and click VerifyNote: If you did not receive an email and checked your Spam folder, you have the option to resend the 6 digit verification code by clicking the Resend email button.


  • Go to your phone’s app store.
  • Search for ‘Authenticator App’,
  • Download an app of your choosing (Citrix SSO, Google Authenticator, Okta, Microsoft Authenticator…)
  • From your authenticator app, scan the QR code.
  • If the QR code cannot be scanned, manually enter the listed key code


10. On the setup screen, under Verify your authenticator app, enter the code from your authenticator app and select Verify code.

11. Next, proceed to Setting up Account Recovery methods for MFA


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