How to Modify Folder Options

1. Click any folder to open it.

2. In folders where you have Folder admin permissions, hover over More Options.

3. Select Edit Advanced Folder Options.

4. After modifying folder options, click Save for changes to take effect.

Note: Changing any setting below will modify the settings for this specific folder and supersedes any default settings set in Advanced Preferences within the Admin Settings.

Advanced Folder Options
Folder Expiration Date By default, there is no folder expiration date. Modify this setting to set an expiration date for the folder and all the items within this folder. If enabled, on the date chosen the folder will delete and move to the Recycle Bin. Please read more about the Folder Expiration Date .
File Retention Policy By default, files do not automatically delete. The file retention policy can only be set in a root-level folder. This setting controls how long files are kept inside this folder and its subfolders. If enabled, files will automatically delete and move to the Recycle Bin per the number of days set by the policy. Please read more about the File Retention Policy.
File Versioning File Versioning saves multiple versions of a single file. Any files with the same file name and file type (extension) will automatically save as the latest version. Previous version of the file are retained and available for download. This ensures that no changes are lost between updates or edits.
Sort Order Setting the sort order will define the way contents are ordered by default within this folder. Users can change their Sort Order preferences individually in their Personal Settings. As well, files can be re-sorted by clicking on any header within the folder. The header options include sorting by Title, File Size, Uploaded Date, or Creator.
Folder Template Folder templates allow a folder to use a pre-defined folder structure. You may enable a folder template in any folder or subfolder. Please read more about Dynamic Folder Templates.
StorageZones StorageZone settings can only be set in a root-level folder and visible to users with permissions to Select a StorageZone for root-level folders. This setting defines the Zone or storage location of the contents of this folder. Modifying this setting will trigger all the files to transfer from the current Zone to the new target Zone. Please read more about requirements of Migrating Databeforemodifying this option.


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