How to recover the local username created for the ELM in Azure and reset the password

To recover the username:

You must be able to login to the web-based Management Console for the ELM and export logs. The log export is a TGZ file which can be unpacked and examined with any archive unpacker.

In the logs, look for ovf-env.xml. This contains the initial configuration state of the ELM as deployed into Azure. As long as you have not removed the original account and created another in its place, this will tell you the name of hte local account you initially specified:


The password will not be listed here as it is encrypted.

To reset the password:

You can use Azure CLI through the az extension in Powershell or the Cloud Shell to perform these steps. Azure Cloud Shell specific steps are listed below as it works directly in the browser.

  1. Select the ELM from the Azure Portal (
  2. Open the Cloud Shell from the top of the portal’s toolbar. This will look like a command prompt icon.
  3. From the Cloud Shell toolbar, change the Environment from Powershell to Bash if it is not already selected.
  4. Run the following with the correct resource group, username, etc:

az vm user update

–resource-group myResourceGroup

–name myVM

–username azureuser

–password myNewPassword


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