How to suppress the Add Account window in Citrix Receiver 4.4 or earlier for Windows

This article describes how to suppress the Add Account window in Citrix Receiver for Windows.

Note: This article is applicable for Receiver 4.4 and earlier. For Receiver for Windows 4.4.1000,Receiver 4.5 and later, refer to CTX135438 – How to Suppress the Add Account Window in Citrix Receiver for Windows

System Requirements and Compatibility for Receiver for Windows is documented in Receiver System Requirements. Citrix Receiver for Windows 3.3 and later introduces a simplified initial setup to add stores.

Users can set up a Citrix Receiver account by entering an email address or a server URL. Citrix Receiver determines the Access Gateway, StoreFront server, or AppController virtual appliance associated with the email address and then prompts the user to log on and proceeds with the installation.

When installation completes, an Add Account wizard is presented for email-based account discovery where the user is required to enter either their email address or a secure (HTTPS) URL to the store.

Citrix Receiver for Windows Add Account Window


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