How to Synchronize a GSLB Configuration Across Sites on a NetScaler ADC

Prerequisites to run GSLB synchronization:

  • Local GLSB Sites are configured on all the appliance in the GSLB configuration.

  • At least one ADNS service or a DNS server is configured on each site, so that the site can process DNS requests.

  • Management access is enabled on all the GSLB-site IP addresses.

  • The master and slave NetScaler appliances are running the same NetScaler software version.

  • The RPC node password for each GSLB site IP address is same across all the GSLB sites in the GSLB configuration.

  • The firewall at each site is configured to accept the synchronization and MEP connections.

NetScaler GSLB supports following extended options:

  • Debug – GSLB sync with this option provides more details (such as success or failure) about each command used in the synchronization process.

  • Preview – Finds the differential for each slave node but does not push the configuration from the master node. Use this command to get a preview of the commands synchronization would push onto each slave node.

  • Force Synchronization – Clears the existing GSLB configuration on a slave node and pushes the master node’s running configuration onto it. This helps in situations where some commands are failing in the process of synchronization.

    Because this command can result in traffic disruption, it is allowed on only one site at a time.

  • No Warning – Executes the GSLB synchronization without prompting for any confirmation message or issuing any waning. This helps in automated setups.

  • Save Configuration – Saves the master node’s running configuration before connecting to slave node, pushes the configuration on the slave node and saves the running configuration on slave node.

For more information about GSLB synchronization, including limitations and technical details,see: Citrix Documentation – Synchronizing a Configuration in a GSLB Setup.

Configuration Steps in NetScaler ADC

Step 1: Synchronize


At the command prompt, type:

sync gslb config [–nowarn | -debug | -preview | -forceSync <slaveSiteName> | -saveconfig]


In the NetScaler GUI, go to Configuration > Traffic Management > GSLB and, on landing page, click

Synchronize configuration on remote sites.

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